History of Pastors
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Years Pastor's Name
1910-1918Father Fherrien
1918-1925Father G.E. Pariseau
1925-1935Father L. William Mann
1935-1941Father Micheal Costello
1941-1944Father Joseph Dussault
1944-1949Father Charles Marcoux
1949-1962Father Gavin Maloney
1962-1964Father Daniel Roberts
1964-1971Father Francis Holland
1971-1973Father Edward Moore
1973-1974Father Roland Bedard, M.S.
1974-1976Father Rene Caissey, M.S.
1976-1989Father Raymond Moquin
1989-1993Father Robert Campbell
1993-1995Father Robert Richardson
1995-1997Father John Arnot
1997-1999Father Joseph McCarthy
2000-Jan 2003Father Francis Prive
March 2003 to May 2004Rev. John McDermott
May 2004 to presentFather Daniel Jordan