Parish Missions

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The parish has two advisory bodies: The Finance Committee and the Parish Council.

The Finance Committee
The finance committee prepares with the Pastor the annual parish budget submitted to the Parish Council for approval, and the annual verbal report which is read to the parishioners at all Masses once a year. This committee is also responsible for launching the annual Family Pledge Commitment.
Contact: Gary Chicoine
Parish Council
The Parish Council is made up of the Pastor, the Pastoral Assistant, nine elected lay members and a youth representative. Its function is to formulate, revise and implement the vision of the parish in light of the Gospel and Catholic tradition. Through its five missions, it assesses and sees to the welfare of the parish. These missions are: Prayer and Worhsip, Christian Formation, Stewardship, Social Concerns and Parish Life.
Contact: Jeff Lund, Chairman

Prayer, Worship, Liturgy
This Mission encompasses the various programs concered with the spiritural life of the parish. The members plan and coordinated the liturgy, scaramenetal rites, and other programs of parish worship. They also encourage, by the means available, prayer in the home, retreats, missions, days of recollection, training for liturgical ministry, prayer groups, and proper care of the liturgical environment. This group meets monthly to plan and coordinate the liturgy, the celebration of the sacraments and other programs related to parish worship such as formation for various ministries (i.e. Lectors, Eucharistic Ministers, Ushers, Altar Servers, and Greeters).
Contact: Rod French
Christian Formation
This Mission encompasses all religious education activities of the Parish including the religious education program, adult education, sacramental preparation, the youth ministry, and the Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults (RCIA).
Social Concerns
This Mission initiates, develops and coordinates efforts in the areas of family life, life issues, works of mercy, and justice. The members advance social outreach in the wider community and among local Churches. Some of its current activities are: involvement in the local Interfaith Foodshelf project, visits to nursing homes and reachout to new parishioners and people in need. It also organizes and supervises meals after funerals.
Contact: Donna Buchanan
Parish Life
This Mission promotes community building activities enabling parishioners to come together as brothers and sisters and experience the loving presence of the Lord. Included activities are in the areas of social gathers, fundraising, communications, hospitality, such as, the Parish picnic, newletter, and coffee hour.
Contact: Peg Machia
This Mission has responsibility for the development, use and maintenance of all parish grounds and facilities. It meets quarterly or as needed to assess needs and make long-range and short-range plans.
This Mission has the three-fold responsibility of continuing evangelization of the active members of the parish, reaching to the inactive Catholics in the parish, and proclaiming the Catholic Christian Tradition to others.